Are dental implants in Tijuana dental clinics of good quality?


We all know about the popularity of dental clinics in America. These clinics usually use the highest quality in tools and materials, for this reason, patients are sure that when a treatment is performed there, it will be safe and durable.

However, dental treatments in the United States, as in other countries, tend to have a very high price. For this reason, more and more foreigners are deciding to venture out to treat their dental problems, in cities like Tijuana.

Even so, it is normal to have doubts about the quality of the materials that are usually used, since the procedures are extremely accessible compared to the US prices. To clarify doubts, we will tell you everything you need to know about dental implants and the quality that is handled.

Are dental implants of quality?

The answer to this question is yes. As in the United States and Canada, for dentists in Mexico, it is a priority to have the highest quality materials. This is because the priority is to always provide a good service so that the patient can have an effective treatment.

Since it is a treatment that seeks to replace the original teeth, not just any kind of material can be used. The material must be strong enough to be able to provide a good bite, improve oral health and at the same time be aesthetic.

One of the main characteristics of dental implants Tijuana is that they have excellent biocompatibility, and their compressive strength is one of the highest. They are also made of a material that does not deteriorate due to humidity, in addition to having an adequate fixation with the bone and the mucosa of the jaw.

It is important to know that all these characteristics can only be ensured if the materials of the implant are of good quality.

What are the most used materials?

Over the years, the materials used to treat dental problems have evolved. But usually, two materials are used, titanium and zirconium.

Titanium in dental implants

The purity of titanium is something that depends on the degree of oxygen it has, in other words, the less oxygen and iron it has, the purer it will be. Grade 4 titanium is one of the least pure, as it contains a fairly large percentage of oxygen and iron.

Something that most dentists around the world agree on is that titanium is an excellent option for dental implants. This is because it has the advantage of promoting osseointegration.

It is because it is a good alternative that implants made of different titanium alloys are currently marketed. However, and although Mexico has the best dental implants, titanium has the disadvantage that it is not always aesthetic because it has a gray color that can sometimes be seen through the peri-implant mucosa.

Zirconia dental implants

Medicine has advanced and within the area of ​​dentistry, new alternatives have been found. Today one of those alternatives is zirconium, which is used in the form of zirconium oxide combined with other components, so a very natural look can be obtained.

The appearance is whitish and its consistency looks similar to a piece of ceramic. However, although it is a very good option, it can have some disadvantages compared to titanium. This regardless of the quality of the material, as long as the treatment is performed by an expert there should be no inconvenience.

As in the United States, in Mexico, quality materials are used, but it is not the only thing that dentists take into consideration to provide good service. Special attention is also paid to the topography of the implant surface, as only in this way the dentist can be sure that it will have good osseointegration.

In other words, you must not only be sure that you have quality implants, but also that the surface is in good condition. Although the implant is good, if the surface is not in good condition, it can negatively influence the wound healing process. Over time, this can also cause problems that make good osseointegration quite difficult.

The advantages of dental implants

There are many advantages that dental implants can bring to a person’s life, especially if they have lost several teeth. The main advantage of this class of treatments is that it is possible to restore the function of the teeth, therefore, the person can eat normally again, and they also give the mouth a natural-looking smile.

No glue

Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages is that no kind of adhesive is needed, that is because the implants fit in the mouth. So, there is no risk of them falling off and having an effective placement.

They do not damage other teeth

There are treatments in which the surrounding teeth are damaged due to the way they are performed. With implants this does not happen, on the contrary, the smile is always sought to be natural.

Losing bone is avoided

One of the most common problems when missing teeth is bone loss, the advantage of using implants is that they help prevent this from happening.

Where can I go?

At Dental Easy Care, we make sure that our patients always have the best, that’s why we use the highest quality materials. 

Smiling and even eating will no longer be a problem, as in addition to being functional, you will have an aesthetic smile that will give you back their self-confidence.

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