Mark Phillips

“Happy with my new smile! My Dentist sponsor and good friend for 7 years, Dr. Tito Pompa did a great job today giving me a temporary white tooth while we’re working on a gold skull tooth with diamonds. Sounds pretty crazy!! Thank you everyone at the dentist office for the great hospitality.
Give them a Instagram follow @dentaleasycare and if your interested in getting some dental work… let me know, they offer much better pricing than any US or Canadian dentist.
I recommend their service for sure.”

Rene Kinney Brooks

I had teeth pain for more than two years on one tooth or another. When I heard about Dr. Tito Pompa, I figured it was worth the short trip across the border if he could alleviate even a little of the pain. Three trips total for three root canals, one post (I had a broken tooth that 3 other dentists barely looked at before suggesting yanking it out but not Dr. Tito! He believes in saving and restoring!) and 5 porcelain crowns later I am pain-free for the first time in years! Yes, YEARS! Everyone in the office is so nice and friendly. I called on a Tuesday late afternoon and was scheduled for Wednesday morning. Dr. Tito did an exam, complete with digital x-rays, and explained everything he could see that was in need of immediate treatment. When it came to the cost, he was more than willing to work with me so I could get the treatment I needed for a cost that I could afford. Two weeks before visiting Dr. Tito I went to a dentist here in San Diego and the quote they gave me for treatment to the same teeth was $18,000. That dentist did not even offer to help alleviate the severe pain I was in unless I gave them $500 down payment with a commitment to their treatment plan. Not only was the cost of treatment nearly 80% lower, the treatment plan was to salvage my natural teeth, not yank out the old and automatically replace with implants. Now I have a mouth that has no pain at all and all my own teeth still. My plan in the next few months is to return and get two dental implants that I should have gotten back in the 1980’s when I first lost two teeth. I am so happy I was told about Dental Easy Care! I can honestly say my life has changed. Anyone that has suffered from painful dental issues knows what I am talking about. Now I don’t have to worry about sensitive and painful teeth. Please, if you need major or minor dental work, or even if you just need your teeth cleaned, you have to visit Dr. Tito! You will walk out of there all smiles! And that alone is worth the trip. Thank You, Dr. Tito!

Appushuia Matthews

Good evening, Dr. Pompa, this is Appushuia. We’re home our flight was good. I want to tell you that on January 17, 2017, you changed my life. When I heard the drill In my ears I developed emotions and started crying. This has been along time coming for me. And you helped make that possible. And the PASSION behind your work doesn’t go unnoticed.You’re my dentist now. And I’m proud to say that. I’m grateful to God for you. I’ve gotten so many compliments. And I’ve given several referrals and it hasn’t been a whole week yet. Dr. P THESE CROWNS ARE BAD ASS. They look like GLASS. So NATURAL. I’m in  THANK YOU

Liuba Roumbanis

The best dentist experience I ever had. My case was pretty complicated. We took out my dentures and build new permanent bridges. Dr. Pompas was very professional. I was very nervous about the procedure, but he was very careful and earned my trust right away. He was recommended by my relatives and I am so happy I used him. I highly recommend him.

Kidest Yohannes

The entire staff and especially Dr. Pompa is amazing very friendly and professional.I have been happy with everything they have done. The Office is super clean and very organized.
Highly recommend going to Dr. Pompa office
Thank you, Dr. Pompa