Root Canal Tijuana

What Is A Root Canal Tijuana?

It is one of the most performed dental procedures in the dental sector, the purpose of this treatment is to eliminate the dental pulp that has been affected and that damages the stability of the dental piece or pieces. The goal of the specialist in root canal Tijuana treatment is to be able to save the life of the tooth. Therefore, when the infected pulp is removed, techniques are used to preserve the tooth. This is done by cleaning the canals to eliminate any bacteria that could endanger the stability of the tooth, filling it with special material, and then protecting it.

The dental pulp is a component found inside the tooth, which is composed of nerves and blood vessels which, when damaged, become infected and inflamed, causing discomfort and even loss of function of the tooth. That’s why root canal Tijuana treatment is essential, because it will remove this damaged compound. And although some patients are afraid of removing the dental pulp, the truth is that this procedure has many benefits.

Why Can A Root Canal Tijuana Be Performed?

There are many reasons why a specialist may perform a root canal Tijuana procedure, mainly due to the inflammation or infection of the dental pulp that causes the death of the tooth. But there are other reasons why it will be necessary for the patient to undergo a root canal Tijuana treatment.

Trauma: A blow or fracture of a tooth can be enough reason to perform a root canal Tijuana, mainly when there is a health condition of the oral cavity. A breach in the tooth can cause bacteria to enter the pulp, thus infecting the tissues.

Abrasion: This is another reason why a patient may need a root canal Tijuana technique. Abrasion can be caused by a person’s age, by the performance of specific dental procedures or by the use of the teeth. This generates that, progressively, the tooth loses its natural protection, causing possible damage.

Improper Use Of Dental Treatments: There are specific dental procedures that can weaken the tooth or affect it, mainly those that are restorative. That’s why you must always have the support of specialists because, if they’re not done correctly, they can damage the pulp, thus generating damage that can end up in the loss of the tooth.

What Types Of Root Canal Tijuana Are?

Depending on the patient’s case, the following techniques will be performed:


This technique is used when the specialist will need to seal more than one duct. It is common for this maneuver to be performed on teeth that have more than one canal, such as molars since each root has one canal. In some cases, it may be that a single root can have two canals, so the multi-radical procedure treats more than one canals.


In this case, the specialist will only treat one duct, regardless of whether there is more than one duct.

 Why Is It Important To See A Root Canal Tijuana Specialist?

Although any dentist can indeed perform this type of procedure, it is always advisable that a specialist perform a root canal Tijuana, mainly because they deal with this subject and are more related to the techniques that can be used. Otherwise, significant problems may arise that will be reflected in the failure of the procedure. The main reasons why treatment may fail are due to:

Wrong Perforation: If the dentist does not perform a correct perforation, he will not be able to remove the affected pulp, which will mean that the patient will continue to have discomfort. A specialist in root canal Tijuana will carry out the necessary studies to know the structure of the tooth and thus know where to drill to remove the affected pulp completely.

Failure To Clean The Duct Area Properly: This is another reason why a procedure can fail. A specialist knows that if the duct is not adequately cleaned, it can lead to future infection of the area by bacteria. To avoid this, the specialist in root canal Tijuana will properly disinfect the area where he or she will work.

Not Filling The Ducts Correctly: If the dentist doesn’t fill the canals correctly, the only thing that will happen is that bacteria will concentrate inside the tooth, causing the procedure to fail. On the other hand, a professional in root canal Tijuana makes sure that each canal is correctly filled so that the presence of microorganisms that could damage the work done can be avoided.

It is for these reasons that a person should always go to a specialist; otherwise, the money invested in the treatment will have been useless.

What Care Should Be Taken After A Root Canal Tijuana Procedure?

Once the treatment is finished, the patient must avoid biting his tongue or lips, mainly when the anesthesia is wearing off, because it can present significant problems in the oral cavity.

During the first few days, the patient should avoid biting on the side where the procedure was performed. Therefore, it is essential to stop eating hard or sticky foods.

The patient should pay full attention to the cleaning of the mouth so that the presence of bacteria is eliminated and the wound heals correctly and faster.

Commonly, in the first days, there is discomfort, but if the patient presents pain that lasts for many days, it will be necessary to go to the specialist.

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