Dental Veneers Tijuana

Dental Veneers Tijuana is an aesthetic procedure that improves the appearance of the teeth through the use of small laminates that are placed on the front of the tooth. In order to enhance the appearance of the teeth, offering a natural and quite aesthetic appearance. Dental veneers Tijuana can be made of different materials, such as resin, porcelain, among others.

The decision to opt for this procedure will depend much on the dentist and the condition of the teeth. It is important to emphasize that placing dental veneers Tijuana has aesthetic purposes, it has nothing to do with the functioning of the teeth. So, if there are conditions with the functionality of the teeth, this treatment is not a good option, it should be treated separately.

People who often resort to dental veneers Tijuana is because they have problems with the color, size, or position of their teeth.

Which People Are Ideal For Dental Veneers Tijuana?

As in other procedures, there are certain conditions that the patient must fulfill to have dental veneers Tijuana, some of which are

Healthy Teeth: If the patient presents problems in the oral cavity, such as gum damage, it can’t be a candidate for this procedure. What the dentist can do is first to treat the conditions that present themselves and then think about the placement of dental veneers Tijuana. There is a dental procedure for each condition, so if you want to opt for the use of these plates, it is essential first to eradicate the circumstances that the patient may have.

Patients With Bruxism: Those people who present this problem are not recommended to use dental veneers Tijuana, mainly because the veneers can break easily due to the constant force generated in the teeth. There are cases where those patients who tend to grind their teeth can make use of this procedure, it will only be a matter of adding a splint, but this will depend a lot on the dentist’s recommendations.

The Optimal Condition Of The Dental Enamel: It is important that for the placement of dental veneers Tijuana, there is a good condition of the dental enamel, mainly because the laminates will adhere to the surface of the tooth. Therefore, if there is not the right amount of enamel or it is damaged, the dental veneer treatment will not have the desired duration.

Misalignment Of Teeth: The fact that the patient presents problems in the alignment of the teeth or the positioning of the jaw can generate that in a short period, the dental veneers Tijuana wear out. To avoid this problem, it is advised that the patient first undergoes a root canal procedure to improve the alignment of the mouth.

Types Of Dental Veneers Tijuana

Dental veneers Tijuana can be made of different materials, each one has different benefits, but the purpose is basically the same.

Porcelain Or ceramic

This type of sheet is broken down into two, the ultrafine and the zirconium sheets.


This type is the most recommended, mainly because of the strength and quality with which it is made. They are characterized because the thickness is approximately 1 millimeter or less; this ensures that there will not be a visual alteration of the shape of the tooth. To improve the aesthetics of dental veneers Tijuana, the dentist may choose to contour the veneer to enhance its appearance.


This type of dental veneer is used in particular cases, so not all patients are candidates, only those with metal pins. Unlike ultra-thin laminates, zirconium laminates are more opaque in color and more visible in thickness.


Although they can give a reasonably natural look, this type of material is usually less durable, which is why many dentists recommend this type of Tijuana dental veneers only for patients who do not suffer as much damage to their teeth or need a temporary solution.

How Long Can Tijuana Dental Veneers Last?

This depends a lot on the material and the care that the patient takes, but usually, those made of porcelain have a duration of approximately 15 years, while those made of composite, only lasts 5 years approximately.

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