Missing teeth problems that you didn’t know


Living with the loss of a permanent tooth is something more common than it seems, it can even be said that a large part of the population has this problem. But you do not need to be an older adult for this to happen, some studies show that a large part of the population under 45 years of age has lost one or more teeth.

Many problems can occur when a tooth is missing, the first of which is that chewing is affected. So eating normally becomes increasingly difficult, even some crunchy foods can be difficult to chew, and confidence can also be affected.

Which problems can I experience if I am missing a tooth?

The most common reasons for tooth loss are trauma caused by accidents and caries. In other cases, it is due to poor diet or conditions that occur in the gums, but regardless of the cause, physical and psychological problems can occur.

Chewing problems

Even if only one tooth has been lost, the teeth work as a team, making chewing difficult. When trying to chew, the person may feel pain or even injure the area where the tooth used to be. In these cases, it is common for the patient to eat less, change food or chew only on one side of the mouth.

In addition to affecting the functioning of the mouth, this can cause nutritional problems.

Tooth Displacement

Without a doubt, one of the most complicated side effects to treat when a tooth is lost is tooth displacement. The mouth tries to reduce the excess space caused by the missing tooth. To achieve this, the teeth surrounding the missing tooth begin to shift.

In addition to shifting, the teeth can become crowded causing other conditions such as bite misalignment and cavities.

Early aging

Sometimes the lack of teeth makes people look older than they are because the skin begins to sag. Not only does it affect aesthetically, but bone loss in the jaw and face is another side effect of missing teeth, which can lead to a change in the face.

Psychological problems

Over time, mental health can also be affected by missing teeth, as it is very common for people to feel insecure. In many cases they avoid smiling or talking to other people because of this, on the other hand, it can also encourage the development of conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Social life

According to a study conducted by the American Dental Association, the social and work life of people with tooth loss is also affected. This is because the appearance of their teeth plays a very important role when looking for a job.

What can you do to get a tooth back?

Although once you have lost a permanent tooth you cannot get it back, this does not mean that you have to live like that. Nowadays some treatments help to replace the missing piece or pieces of the mouth, allowing patients to recover their normal life after the treatment.

Dental implants

Currently, there are treatments such as dental implants Tijuana, which help to achieve tooth replacement. Their design allows for the replacement of a single tooth or the entire set of teeth, regardless of the area of the mouth where the damaged area is located.

Implants have the advantage of being the closest thing there is to a natural tooth, so the person can feel it similarly. They offer security and stability, as well as a fairly long life span, meaning that it will be a long time before you think about replacing them.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges, on the other hand, tend to be one of the most commonly chosen options due to their low cost. Like dental implants, dental bridges can replace one or more teeth, however, they have the characteristic that they must be supported by the surrounding teeth.

In addition, over time, it will be necessary to replace them with new ones.


Sometimes patients are not candidates for dental implants, so dentures are placed. Although it is not usually the most popular treatment, this is because even if it is a good option, it can sometimes be uncomfortable for patients. In addition, this does not ensure that bone loss and facial aging will stop.

Even so, these treatments can be of great help for patients to recover, since they not only help them to eat again. They are also a great support to reducing anxiety and insecurity problems caused by the lack of teeth, helping the patient to increase their self-confidence.

Since not all cases are the same, it is necessary to talk to the dentist to find out which treatment is the most appropriate. The dentist will look for the best way to care for the patient, to prevent the problems caused by missing teeth from developing or continuing to progress.

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