Your Guide to Caring for Dental Implants: Tips for Long-Lasting Results

caring for dental implants

Dental implants are an effective solution for those patients who have lost a tooth, either because of a disease such as caries, the tooth decaying over time, or because the tooth has suffered an accident. 

Dental implants replace the root where the tooth was located, thus functioning as a support where the new tooth (dental crown) will be placed. Dental implants fit like a screw into the jaw bone to give it better support and prevent it from generating any kind of pain in the patient when chewing or performing any other action.

One of the benefits of dental implants is that they offer stability to the false tooth, thus allowing the patient to chew any type of food without feeling any pain. In addition, this foundation won’t have to be changed every time a dental crown needs to be changed because these implants are for life, which is why you should always have good caring for dental implants.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Teeth brushing is part of caring for dental implants because, in addition to helping them last longer, they protect the mouth from diseases that could cause the loss of more teeth. That is why this activity should be addressed since it prevents problems in the gums and mouth.

The implant site should be cleaned slowly and gently during the first three weeks with gauze or cotton. Then brush the area gently with a soft toothbrush. Flossing should be avoided during these first weeks.

For good caring for dental implants, some brands dedicated to oral hygiene have a line of toothbrushes specialized in dental implants. Toothbrushes ensure proper hygiene in the most difficult-to-reach areas where plaque accumulates. For good oral hygiene, in addition to the use of interdental brushes, it is necessary to have dental floss and pressurized water jets. 

It is essential to visit the dentist first before using the above tools for caring for dental implants because even if three weeks have already passed, the dentist is the one who will indicate when it is suitable for toothbrushing with a toothbrush for dental implants. On the other hand, seeing the dentist also helps prevent future dental problems, whether or not they are related to dental implants.

Avoiding Habits That Can Damage Dental Implants

It is important to know that certain habits can hinder caring for dental implants. Avoiding them allows the mouth’s health to last much longer, prevents other teeth from being affected, and helps the healing process of dental implants not to be hindered. 

Smoking is most likely the most harmful habit a person could have, and not only because it damages some body organs such as the lungs. Smoking can cause the teeth to start taking on a permanent yellow color due to the high amounts of nicotine it contains. In addition, white spots with small red dots begin to appear along the palate and mucous areas of the mouth.

Another disease caused by smoking is periodontal disease. This is the cause of progressive tooth loss. On the other hand, if you are a person who smokes too much, you may develop oral cancer in the future, which causes the mouth to become extremely dry, affecting other teeth and causing bad breath even after brushing your teeth.

Another habit that can affect caring for dental implants is chewing hard foods or objects. Although the crowns placed on dental implants are usually made of materials that are even stronger than the tooth itself, this does not mean that the tooth is exempt from breaking when chewing hard food or an object with hardness. Although the false tooth will probably not be damaged too much, the other teeth can suffer the consequences of chewing these foods.

To have good caring for dental implants, you should also avoid other habits such as grinding your teeth or using too much force, especially during the first days, because as the gums are just adjusting to the implants, it is very common to have gaps so that the implant can move or that the other teeth begin to wear out.

Proper Nutrition For Dental Implant Health

After a dental implant is placed, it is always advisable to eat soft foods to have good caring for dental implants, such as some smoothies and vegetable creams. After the sutures are healed, you can introduce foods such as vegetables and certain soft fruits.

Some of the foods to avoid are foods that are too hot. Hot foods and drinks can increase bleeding. Some other foods that should be avoided for the proper caring for dental implants are hard foods such as red meats and raw vegetables, crunchy foods or foods that can get stuck in the teeth such as popcorn and potato chips, sticky foods, spicy foods, or foods that are too acidic.

In addition to food, beverages with high amounts of alcohol or sugar, such as beer, soft drinks, bottled juices, or energy drinks, should also be avoided. These not only affect the caring for dental implants, but over time they are the leading cause of tooth decay.

Caring for Dental Implants

Dental implants will continue to be one of the best options for patients who have lost a tooth and are looking to have the smile they used to have. Therefore, following the correct caring for dental implants to last in the patient’s mouth for a long time is crucial.

It is also vital to attend scheduled appointments with dentists since they are responsible for telling patients about the progress of their recovery after the placement of dental implants. Doing this not only ensures a correct recovery of the implants but also provides other benefits, such as detecting future oral problems and even advice on methods to keep the mouth’s health in good condition. 

Undoubtedly, maintaining good oral hygiene and getting rid of the habits mentioned above will help dental implants and the mouth’s health to last much longer. 

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