Why do you need to get a Tijuana dental treatment?


There are several factors that make Tijuana the best alternative to undergo any kind of dental treatment. The quality of its dentists and the affordable price are just some of them, in reality there is much more in the dental sector that makes Tijuana so beloved.

Tijuana has earned a very important place in the world of dental tourism, as it has become one of the most developed places in terms of dental health.

Every year, hundreds of people from countries such as the United States and Canada travel to Tijuana, with the idea of ​​having dental care, as they tend to be more expensive in their countries.

What are dental implants?

There are cases in which the person loses one or more teeth, to treat these situations there are different options with which the patient’s quality of life can be improved. One of those options and the most recommended is to replace the missing teeth with the help of dental implants.

Dental implants are made with resistant materials that do not harm the body; these materials are implanted in the jawbone. Thanks to this, the patient can talk and eat as he would if he had all his natural teeth, since he acquires stability when chewing, in addition to a beautiful smile.

Do I need dental implants?

In most cases, replacing missing teeth is necessary in order to have a healthy mouth, as bones can shrink over time. That is why dental implants Tijuana, are so requested, because it is an effective treatment and has a lower cost than in other parts, it is perfect.

Although as said before, there are other treatments that can help the patient at the moment, they are temporary. So, it will be necessary to go back to the dentist more frequently to avoid possible damage to the mouth.

It is normal that over time bone volume begins to lose after losing a tooth, as our body begins to fill in the gaps. Precisely for this reason, it is best not to wait long to get a dental implant, since it will only be a matter of time before problems begin to appear in the mouth.


Am I a candidate for this procedure?

In reality, although dental implants are one of the best treatments to replace a missing tooth, unfortunately not everyone can be a candidate. People who suffer from some type of periodontal disease, bad bone condition, bad bite or other health problems, may not be able to undergo this treatment.

So, it is necessary that before starting the treatment, the patient treats all their oral problems with the dentist. It is also possible that before placing dental implants, perform some grafts in order to improve the condition of the bone and therefore increase the chances of success.

To find out whether or not a patient is a candidate for a dental implant, Tijuana’s dentists evaluate the oral cavity. Depending on the state in which it is, it will be determined if the treatment can be continued or if it will be necessary to start another to improve the condition of the mouth.

The patient will be asked for several studies in order to check the condition of their bone structures and dental arches. Some of these studies are X-rays, in which the dentist will be able to analyze the case.

The design of dental implants

If the patient is a candidate for this procedure, then the design of what will be his new dental implant can begin. However, sometimes it may be necessary for the patient to temporarily wear a prosthesis, as it helps the soft tissues to heal.

The advantage of this is that the patient acquires a better chewing function than he has and allows the proper environment to be created to take the mold. Once having the design of the implant to be placed, the next step is its placement inside the patient’s mouth.

The dental implant is placed by a surgical procedure in which it is necessary to drill the bone of the jaw. After the dental implant has been placed, the next step is to sew the gums so that it can begin to heal, the healing process of the mouth can take several months.

During this stage the implant begins to fuse with the bone, so it is necessary that they are well placed. The advantage of dentists in Tijuana is that most are professionals who have studied in the best schools in Mexico and the United States.

For this reason, surgical procedures such as those performed when placing a dental implant, are extremely safe and effective.

Variety of implants and alternatives

Just as there are people who only require a dental implant to regain the health of their mouth, there are also people who require a bridge that contains more than one. There are also cases where it is necessary to perform extractions and then replace those damaged teeth with implants.

Depending on the budget and the patient’s needs, a denture, bridge, or full denture may be suggested instead of a dental implant. But those are things that only a professional dentist knows after a thorough assessment.

 Without a doubt, there are many reasons for having a treatment in Tijuana, but the quality of its dentists is one of the main ones. At Dental Easy Care we specialize in providing our patients with the best dental techniques, advanced technology of the highest quality, and excellent dental service.

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