Types of dental implants: Which one is the best?


Have you ever wondered what the best dental implant is? If you have dental problems or one of your loved ones suffers from them, this information will help you. There is no doubt that dental implants are a good alternative if you want to somehow recover missing teeth.

By means of this technique the patient is able to have a prosthesis that fulfills a function almost identical to that of natural teeth, however; there are several materials that can be used for the creation of a dental implant, so the type of dental implant that is placed in the patient may vary. 

Which are the kinds of implants?

The implant itself is a small metal piece that is used to try to replace the root of the missing tooth, this piece is placed in the jawbone. Although some years ago different metals were used, it has been proven that titanium is ideal due to the acceptance it has in the body.

The main advantage of titanium is that it can fuse with the bone, so patients can chew as they would with a natural tooth. There is very little chance of a person being allergic to this material, so it is ideal to ensure that the patient will be able to recover his or her full smile.

Osseointegration is the way in which the implant is integrated to the bone, since this process is the mechanical union that helps the cells to adhere to the implant. 


Like titanium, zirconium is one of the materials most commonly used by dentists, as it is also a material that can be biointegrated. It is usually used together with titanium to create the upper part of the implant, so that a dental piece very similar to the natural one is obtained.

Other materials

Sometimes other types of materials are used for dental implants Tijuana because the priority is to ensure more aesthetic results that are also functional. One of these materials is ceramic, biocompatible and osseointegrate.

Characteristics of a good dental implant

One of the things you should know about dental implants is that besides being made of different types of materials, they can have a different structure, in other words; the designs of dental implants can also vary a lot, some of these designs are conical, cylindrical, internal connection and external connection implants.

Each one of these designs is specially elaborated to adapt to the patient’s needs, so the dentist will look for the most adequate one depending on the case, however; some models are being used less and less due to the efficiency of the most recent models, as it is the case of the external connection implant, which has a higher chance of failure.

The main characteristic of a good dental implant is its quality, it must be able to provide enough durability, but it must be taken into account that usually the type of implant material is not the only thing that influences whether the treatment works or not, it is the aftercare of the surgery that can make it fail or not.

To have more peace of mind before continuing with the treatment, you can verify the reliability of the dental implant that will be placed, that way you can make sure that things are being done properly and you will not have to worry, even so, if you have more doubts you can consult the dentist. 

Curiosities about implants

The subperiosteal implants are placed in the mouth by means of a metal frame, this frame is installed in the jaw bone, under the tissue, this is because unlike other models, these have an edge with the shape of the bone, because in this way there is a greater guarantee that it can be fixed without major problems.

Although these implants are usually suggested to patients who have difficulties using a conventional denture, in order to be candidates for this procedure it is necessary to have a certain minimum bone height.

Usually, postoperative care is different depending on the type of intervention performed and the needs of the patient, however, some of the basic care recommended for most patients are to quit smoking, avoiding sudden changes in pressure and brushing too hard.

In case of abnormal symptoms such as lasting swelling, bad odor in the wound, bleeding, or uncontrolled pain, you should go to the dentist, in order to detect the problem in time and provide early and effective treatment to prevent the condition from worsening.  

The patient’s quality of life can be seriously affected if they are missing one or more teeth and at Dental Easy Care we are aware of that. Over time, the remaining teeth become displaced, causing bone loss and problems with eating normally.

Therefore, in Dental Easy Care we have as one of our main specialties the placement of dental implants, so we analyze each case in detail to attend to the patients as they really deserve, offering affordable and effective treatments.

Our treatments are distinguished by the best quality, so in just a matter of weeks the patient will be able to chew normally. In addition, at Dental Easy Care we have the most advanced technology and tools, meaning that our implants have an extremely long life span.

As long as the advice recommended by the dentist is followed, once we place the dental implant, it will not be necessary to perform the procedure again, being an investment in your oral health that you will not regret.