The most popular Mexico cosmetic dentistry treatments


In recent years the dental sector has seen an increase in cosmetic dental treatments, due to the popularity of the Hollywood smile; it is a common procedure among Hollywood stars.

The procedures to achieve a Hollywood smile Mexico are within the reach of most people. So, following the example of their favorite artists, more and more people are interested in performing a procedure in which they can improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth. 

What are the most popular treatments?

In cosmetic dentistry, several procedures are performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. The type of procedure that is performed depends a lot on the patient’s dental health, in case he has cavities problems and a bad bite, it will be necessary to perform several treatments.

Dental bridges

It is known as a dental bridge to a dental prosthesis that is placed on the patient’s teeth. Usually, this treatment is used when the patient has already lost some teeth because with its help adjacent missing teeth can be replaced.

To place the bridges, the dentist performs several studies, including taking X-rays and impressions of the mouth. With these studies, a plaster mold is made and it is essential to begin to work. Once it is finished, they can proceed to the next step.

It is necessary to carve the teeth that remain, in this way they can get the necessary space to be able to place the bridge. Carving the teeth also helps the bridge have a better grip surface.

Dental crowns

It can be said that crowns are the “caps” that help damaged teeth regain their lost strength. Crowns have become one of the best alternatives to restore the shape of the tooth and improve its appearance. 

Unlike prostheses, the patient can’t remove the crown to clean it, only a dentist can remove and place a crown. Several materials can be used to create a dental crown, so the dentist will determine which is the most suitable depending on the patients’ needs.  

One of the main advantages of crowns is that the color of the porcelain or ceramic can be matched with the natural color of the teeth.


Dental implants

Without a doubt, dental implants are one of the best treatments to get a perfect smile. With its help, teeth that have been lost can be permanently replaced, once the implant is placed in the spindle of the jaw, its function becomes the one of a normal tooth.

Although this treatment is usually quite expensive in countries such as the United States and Canada, in Mexico its cost is much lower, which is why it has become quite popular.  The main advantage is that in addition to making the smile look more aesthetic, the patient’s dental health is improved and a good bite is achieved.

Teeth cleaning

In reality, there are many cases in which the patient only needs to have a dental cleaning to achieve a perfect smile. But in addition to aesthetically improving the appearance of the teeth, dental cleaning brings other benefits to the health of the patient.

First of all, it completely removes the bacterial plaque that causes cavities and other periodontal diseases like gingivitis. It prevents bad breath caused by the accumulation of bacteria and also improves the confidence that the patient needs in order to be able to show his denture.

Teeth whitening

For several situations, teeth can present stains, as well as discoloration, this makes them look unsightly. When the teeth are healthy and only have this condition, it is enough to have a tooth whitening to be able to correct it.

Although it is a safe procedure, it is not recommended in all cases, as the teeth are sometimes very sensitive. Depending on the case, it is recommended to wait a while after removing the braces to be able to whiten the teeth, but this is something that only a dentist can determine.

Tooth extraction

Unfortunately, there are cases in which the patient’s tooth is in a very bad condition, making it impossible to save it.  In these situations, it is necessary to extract the tooth to prevent the infection from continuing to advance to other teeth, which could endanger the life of the patient.

In case it is necessary to extract the tooth, the dentist will explain to the patient what are the alternatives he has to recover the tooth’s aesthetics. Depending on the case, a bridge or an implant may be recommended, or the dentist may close the space through other procedures.

Things you need to know

It is possible that after placing a crown, the patient will be advised to avoid hard foods as much as possible since there is a risk of damaging its functionality. Although these treatments can help improve the patient’s health, it is necessary to visit the dentist regularly.

Each patient’s mouth is unique, so before starting with a smile design, several analyzes are performed. Once the patient’s problems have been identified, the dentist will recommend a  treatment plan.

There are treatments that, although they promise to improve the aesthetics of the smile, are not recommended for all patients. That is why it is necessary the help of a team of professionals in cosmetic dentistry.

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