New Alternatives in Tijuana Dentistry

Maintaining good dental health should be a priority in everyone’s life. From an early age we are taught the importance of our oral health, and how maintaining good cleaning and eating habits may keep us away from painful dental procedures. However, the truth is that besides that, it is also highly recommendable that we all have a dentist to visit regularly and treat any problem on time.

The real challenge at times is finding quality Dental Clinics at affordable prices. People from outside Mexico find the prices of dental treatments extremely expensive, often causing patients to postpone important treatments and look for a dental clinic until the damage requires complicated and expensive procedures. Tijuana Dentistry clinics and the experienced team of Tijuana dentists boast their wide range of services endorsed by modern equipment and by real patient reviews who have chosen during decades Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico to take advantage of dental treatment promotions and the quality of services.

Their Dental facilities assure that only state-of-the-art equipment and the finest materials are used in procedures like dental crowns and implants, the materials used have changed over time with the ambition of dental specialists to improve dental technology that combines adequate characteristics of mechanical, aesthetic, and biocompatibility properties. Among the materials used in dentistry, zirconia is becoming very popular for any of those treatments. It is one of the newest and better options.

What can I do to recover my healthy and beautiful smile?

It is very common that due to different factors ranging from poor hygiene to accidents that cause damage to the teeth and jaw, thousands of patients turn to Tijuana Dental Tourism in Mexico looking for medical treatments that help them to recover dental aesthetic, resistance, or the functionality of their jaw for a healthy smile. What dentists usually recommend in these cases are crowns or dental implants to treat broken, weak, or misshapen teeth. 

Zirconia crowns Tijuana are one of the latest achievements that dental offices in Baja California have to offer. The material is often used for restorations and bridges when teeth are missing. Its popularity is mainly due to the natural results it provides. Another of its advantages is that it can be retouched and improved if necessary to reach a closer similitude to the natural teeth.

Am I a candidate for this dental work?

A dental team in Tijuana can advise you about what dental solutions better fit your problematic

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it is very likely that your smarter decision is to request assistance at a medical clinic.

-Broken, chipped, or cracked tooth.

-Tooth decay, a crown can help to preserve the tooth’s root when there is too little left.

-Aesthetic concerns, decoloration, or variations in size can be corrected with a dental crown, even if the tooth is healthy.

Also, after dental treatments such as: 

-Dental implants, the crown works as a replacement of the tooth.

-Root canals or large fillings, the crown helps to strengthen the tooth.


Traditionally, a mix of metal and ceramic are the most common materials used for crowns and restorations, even if they are quality materials, recently dental implant specialists are leaning towards zirconium crowns because this material shows multiple advantages in comparison to the others.

  • It is more likely to get a natural appearance, there are two types of zirconia crowns, solid or monolithic zirconia since it is more resistant is best for molars, although it gives a more opaque appearance; layered is easier to match with the natural color of the teeth, it can be the most natural-looking option.
  • The strength of zirconium oxide is also up to five times stronger than porcelain or porcelain/metal crowns, which means less chance of cracking, chipping, or breaking at any time over their long lifespan.
  • Its longevity; with proper care and regular checkups zirconia crowns can last a lifetime, even though the average is between ten to twenty years.
  • Its biocompatibility, the metal lining of porcelain crowns can cause irritation or some adverse complications, while zirconia crowns are made of zirconium oxide which besides being a strong material is totally compatible with the body.
  • It is a faster procedure, now it is possible for specialists to make zirconium crowns in their offices rather than sending the crown to be designed in a lab. The procedure often takes no more than two visits.

Is it an expensive dental service?

The treatment prices vary depending on the material, it is recommended that the decision is made together with a team of dentists so the dental treatment fits your budget and your necessities. The price guarantees that you will be receiving quality dentistry from a team of experts who will handle your health and time efficiently.

Anyhow before you schedule an appointment, the dental departure may send via email the estimates of the price which you may compare with your home dental departure, the money savings are commonly up to 70%; even when most clinics do not accept United States Dental Insurance.

Clearly, zirconia crowns are one of the higher procedures in the price list of dental crowns, but they also tend to last much longer; something worthy to take into consideration.

Is it safe?

Potential patients are usually concerned about visiting Tijuana for Dental Care, many U.S, and Canadian patients drive or fly to Tijuana to take advantage of the current promotions in quality dental care. 

Mexican dental departures offer not only services at affordable prices, but they are also characterized for having the best facilities, qualified doctors, and customer service to provide patients with the best quality of care, when receiving any form of treatment the staff will provide you assistance in your native language, so any question about costs, safety or travel issues will be solved in a minute.

In Dental Easy Care our team of experts take pride in improving every day our practices and offer state-of-the-art facilities that assure excellent services to our dental patients.