Zirconia Crowns Tijuana

zirconia crowns tijuana

Dental crowns are one of the most effective methods used to improve the aesthetics of the teeth either individually or as a bridge. The strength of the material they are made of allows the functionality of the teeth to be restored. Likewise, it is an excellent alternative if the teeth suffer some mishap that damages their structure and strength.

What are zirconia crowns? 

Zirconia is a very new material in the dental industry, mainly because of the naturalness it provides. Because it does not contain metallic particles, it allows the passage of light, so it gives patients comfort and very natural results. These crowns are made in a personalized and individualized way. It employs a specific system that performs the general structure and allows, in case of needing it, to make retouches and improvements so that the structure and color of the teeth can be assimilated. Crowns can be used for a restoration and sometimes to form a bridge when 1 or more teeth are missing.

What are the differences between metal-porcelain, porcelain, and zirconia crowns?

There are many types of crowns for different needs and budgets.

Metal-porcelain crowns are made from these two materials, porcelain fused with metal while the inside of the crown is metal, and the outside is porcelain. These types of dental crowns are much more affordable, which is why many patients choose to invest in these types of crowns for a restoration. Although the persons can really get a lot of benefits from using them, especially when replacement of the molar tooth is required, they mustn’t be made under metals such as chrome-nickel since it can cause allergic reactions.

As for porcelain crowns, they are one of the most used for those teeth that are much more visible, and unlike metal crowns, they are made of only one layer of porcelain, so they are usually more expensive and the price would be a significant disadvantage for many.

Finally, the main characteristic of zirconia crowns Tijuana is that they are the most aesthetic of all other crowns. As they are made only of zirconium, their color does not change, which is a great advantage, unlike other crowns. Also, because they are an innovation within the industry due to the multiple benefits they provide, they are among the most requested ones, mainly because of their aesthetics and better oral health.

Benefits of zirconium crowns

  • One of the main benefits is the material; it allows them to not change color over time.
  • The appearance they provide is very natural, so others will not notice that it is a crown.
  • They are firm and stable, allowing people to chew naturally and without fear of breakage.
  • They are made in an individual and personalized way.
  • The gums are not affected, unlike other materials such as metal.
  • The wear they suffer is minimal, so they can last a long time without needing to be replaced by others.
  • They are an excellent option for those patients who suffer from receding gums since they do not have metal components and will not look artificial.

Being a very novel method, it is usually more expensive than other types of dental crowns, but zirconium dental crowns  are a very worthwhile investment since patients can be assured that they will not suffer any mishaps. So we could say that the only disadvantage is the price because there are no consequences regarding its use, on the contrary.

Who are the ideal candidates?

All those who require crowns, either by:

  • Loss of teeth due to health problems, malocclusion, or accidents.
  • Deterioration of teeth due to wear.
  • Aesthetic problems either in the color, shape, or position of the teeth.


In a normal procedure, a temporary crown will be placed first while the permanent crown is ready, once the zirconium crown is ready, it can last for many years depending on the care that the patient takes.

Although these dental crowns have the characteristics of being stable and not changing color, it is important that patients still take good care of their individual crowns as well as the rest of their teeth. Flossing and rinsing are necessary, especially to remove food debris deposited between the teeth; brushing the mouth after each meal is essential, mainly to avoid the spread of bacteria that can generate cavities or periodontal diseases.

Also, to avoid any problems with the crown, patients should make frequent visits to the dentist for professional cleanings and to check the condition of the crowns. The crowns can last for many years, longer than other materials, but the necessary care must be available.

Price of zirconium crowns

It will depend a lot on the needs of each patient, the teeth that will need this treatment, the structure of the mouth, and other details, so it will be necessary for people to come to the clinic for an evaluation. And since a new material is used, prices are usually higher than other materials, but if you are looking for quality and durability, it is definitely recommended to invest in this type of dental crowns.

If you want more information about a zirconium crown,  some other type of crown or another procedure such as a root canal treatment, a dental implant or dental bridges, we invite you to contact us, to schedule an appointment with one of the best Tijuana dentist Dr. Tito Pompa who, along with his team, will provide you with a proper dental treatment to help you keep a healthy teeth.