Everything you need to know about Tijuana dental clinics


We all know how important it is to take care of the oral area, because from a young age we are taught that to prevent infections and diseases we must have good hygiene. However, there are many cases where oral care only involves brushing the teeth and people think they don’t need to do more.

First of all we have to keep in mind that dentistry is a branch of medicine that takes care of any problem related to the oral cavity, and helps you have proper dental care. 

The truth is that it is recommended to visit the dentist in Tijuana periodically, in order to ensure that you are in good health. However, not all people are sure which dental office to go to, for that reason today we will explain everything you need to know before going to a clinic and starting a dental procedure.

Everything you need to know about a dental clinic

One of the main characteristics of professional dental clinics is that they specialize in everything to do with dental treatments. They are therefore the best option if you are looking to treat dental health and aesthetic problems, as specialists can be found in all areas of oral health offering a wide range of procedures.

Some of the main services of professional dentists are dental bridges, dental crowns, implants and dentures.  But the truth is that specialists know how to treat patients who, in addition to needing these services, suffer from delicate conditions such as sores or some other problems.

They are in optimal condition

As it is a professional medical facility, it must be in optimal condition to offer the patient quality treatment. This seeks that the patient can receive services that improve their dental conditions.

In addition to keeping the facilities clean, the staff must ensure that the patient is comfortable to make recovery easier. The work team at all times must be friendly, and always be ready to resolve any questions or concerns that may arise before, during and after the procedure.

Specialists for each problem

It is common to fall into the error of thinking that doctors are trained to treat any kind of problem that may arise in the mouth, but this is not the case. In reality, although these are branches that are in the same specialty, the truth is that the dentist focuses on the care of the teeth, gums and bones of the mouth.

The orthodontist works to attend and correct the cases in which the patient has bite problems, occlusions and a bad dental position. To this must be added that, although they have the same university studies, the orthodontist must do a specialization.

Everything will depend on the needs of the patient, in which it will be possible to decide which specialist would be the most suitable to treat him.


It is normal that when you do not know a clinic you have doubts about whether it will be a good option or not, to address the problems we have in the mouth.  On many occasions these doubts are resolved by the experience of other people, for example friends and family. By recommending the clinic, you can have a clearer idea about their way of working and the quality they offer.

But there are also times when neither family nor friends have requested these services, for these situations the opinions of other patients are of great help. Many times, it is enough to see the content of the website of a dental clinic, to know everything we need and decide if it meets our expectations.

Clinic information

If you have any questions about the services offered by the clinic, find out about the specialties it has and the experience of its work team.  All this is of great importance so you can have the confidence necessary to begin with a procedure.

However, it is important to remember that each person is different, even if a family member or friend has received a treatment similar to yours, the recovery time will not be the same.

Studies to give diagnosis

A professional clinic will always ask the patient for several studies in order to evaluate his case and be able to give an accurate diagnosis. In case of not requesting studies, there is a risk that the conditions in which the patient’s mouth may go unnoticed, it may even be counterproductive not to request the studies.

Some of the studies that are most often requested are X-rays, intraoral photographs, tomography and models of the mouth.  With these studies the dentist can detect conditions that cannot be seen with the naked eye, which is why they are essential to be able to treat the patient.

Affordable budget

In many cases it is the budget that stops people from going to a dental clinic for any kind of procedure.  Fortunately, in cities like Tijuana, patients are offered an accessible budget, so that they can take their treatment from start to finish and always with the best care.

Although the budget can vary depending on factors such as the type of treatment and the needs of the patient, the procedures are usually affordable. It is even common for people from other cities in Mexico and abroad to travel specifically to Tijuana to be treated. 

In their cities it would be very expensive and difficult to pay, also depending on the type of clinic they may be given a bad service. This could have long-term consequences, so it is always better to go to a professional clinic.

In Tijuana, one of the most important clinics inside and outside of Mexico is Dental Easy Care, the services we offer and our affordable prices have made us the favorite of many people. 

Since we are located in Tijuana Baja California, near the border with San Ysidro, United States, many international patients come to our dental facilities to have a quality dental service. Also, it is important to mention that we have helped dental tourism in Tijuana Mexico grow and become an important city worldwide in the field of dentistry. 

In addition to the fact that we have a team of professionals, trained to treat several ailments, we also have the highest quality of dental technology. Thanks to these characteristics, patients can have a more comfortable and faster recovery than they would in other clinics.