Why dentistry Mexico stands out from other countries


Dental problems that are easy for many Mexicans to treat, such as abscesses in the mouth or a chipped tooth, are very complicated for many Americans. Although there are many health professionals in the United States, medical treatments are often not easy to pay for. Even a simple treatment in the US is usually priced up to four times higher than it would in professional clinics in Mexico. This turns out to be a bigger problem for Americans who do not have the benefits that health insurance can offer. 

However, even having health insurance is no guarantee that all expenses can be covered.

What are the characteristics of dentistry in Mexico?

Although dental clinics have always existed in Mexico, a few years ago there was a great increase in clinics in Tijuana. Thanks to this, several professional clinics decided to improve their prices, so that their services could be even more accessible than they already were.

This price adjustment has become one of the main characteristics of dental clinics in Mexico. But low prices are just one of the things foreigners can find in Mexico.

Good quality

Although the cost of dental treatment can be low, it is not the only reason why hundreds of Americans decide to visit Mexico to have some treatment, the good quality that is handled is another of the main reasons.

Most dental clinics have professionals who have studied in accredited schools inside and outside of Mexico. They also accept dental insurance and offer several alternatives so that the patient can continue with their treatment more easily so that they do not have to worry.

To know the quality of the work done by dentists, you can read the reviews online or communicate directly on the platform and request more information. Also, in case you have acquaintances who have been treated in that dental clinic, you can ask them for an opinion about the place.


There are several clinics that, to make their services more comfortable, offer transportation services. Or depending on the case, they also recommend other options, so that the patient can travel from the United States feeling comfortable and safe at all times.

After the treatment, the patient can go for a walk and visit restaurants that offer a wide variety of food. Also, if they wish, they can stay in one of the hotels that are around to visit the tourist places.

High-quality treatments

Another characteristic that has positioned Mexico as one of the most important countries in dentistry is the quality of its treatments. Whether patients come in for a chipped tooth, teeth whitening, or dental implants Tijuana, they are always provided with the best treatment.

In clinics like Dental Easy Care, we know how difficult it can be to access dental treatments that have the highest technology. That is why our patients who come from the United States feel very confident at the moment they know that we have the best technology, at a lower cost.

Currently, most dental clinics use 3D technology so that the results can show even the smallest detail. It is through this type of technology that the patient can be given a more accurate diagnosis and a treatment that can really solve their dental problems.

Unfortunately, in the United States, these services are usually very expensive and due to changes in health insurance, not all expenses are deductible. This is why many Americans find it easier to treat their dental health in Mexico, as even the most expensive treatments are simple to perform and pay.

Professional dental facilities

In addition to professional dental care, the patient must be cared for in the appropriate facilities. In Tijuana, we try to ensure that the clinics are in optimal conditions to avoid any kind of inconvenience that may affect the patient.

At all times, the clinic staff makes sure that the patient feels comfortable, thus making it easy to perform several procedures. In addition to keeping the facilities in good condition, any doubts that the patient may have will be resolved and the staff will always provide friendly treatment.

Dental health specialists

The problems that can affect oral health can be many, so in most cases, it is necessary to have the guidance of a specialist. It is commonly thought that brushing your teeth is all that is needed to maintain good dental health; however, this is not always the case.

In fact, in addition to maintaining good hygiene, it is necessary to go to the dentist and in many cases to a specialist to correct problems such as poor dental position or poor occlusion.

On the other hand, in the United States, it is difficult to request the services of a specialist if you do not have the necessary money. Also, there is the disadvantage that most of the time they are busy, so making an appointment can take several weeks.

It is due to these reasons that more and more Americans see Mexico as the best alternative to treat their health problems.

At Dental Easy Care we have been characterized by our high-quality services, which is why today we are known as one of the best dental clinics in Tijuana Baja California. The fame of our dental treatments and the affordable prices that we handle have made us the best option.

In our Mexican dental clinic, you can find experienced dentists that will provide you with an excellent level of care. Since we are located near the border with San Diego, there is no language barrier, because our staff knows how to speak English to provide an excellent service to our patients.

With the help of our team of professionals with a wide experience in dentistry, you can once again have a functional and totally aesthetic smile.