Dental Crowns in Tijuana


The dental crown is the visible part of our teeth, it is covered by the tooth enamel. When the crown becomes chipped or cracked, it’s important to treat it with a restoration, this restoration is simply known as dental crown. One of the main reasons why dental crowns in Tijuana might be needed is because placing pressure on a damaged tooth by biting and chewing can make the damage worse. If the tooth isn’t repaired with a dental crown fast enough, it can result in a tooth breaking; this means the partial loss of the tooth. Also chipped and damaged teeth are more susceptible to root canal infections, and in worst case scenarios, the tooth can become so diseased or damaged that it needs to be removed. When there is this kind of damage another reason we might need a dental crown is to keep our smile looking beautiful and radiant.

As a dental treatment the dental crown is basically a cover that is placed over the damaged tooth, sometimes this is used only for aesthetic purposes to improve the appearance of a tooth, its shape or its alignment. Generally these are made of materials such as porcelain or ceramic thanks to their similarity to teeth, however sometimes other metallic alloys such as gold or resin are used.


There are a few particular situations where a crown might be needed. The main ones are:

When a Tooth Is Damaged

A tooth can become chipped or cracked for many reasons, the most common ones involve some kind of physical trauma. Another reason why teeth can be damaged and need dental crowns in Tijuana is because people use only one side of their mouth to chew, which causes the teeth on that side to wear out faster. Sometimes this can be because on the other side of the mouth there’s a persistent toothache, so it is also important to visit the dentist to avoid collateral damage like this. 

Sometimes the damage in a tooth can be only aesthetic and not functional, for this type of damage dental crowns in Tijuana can also be of great help, because they help make this damage unnoticeable and this gives the teeth a quite aesthetic appearance. 

In a Root Canal Treatment

During a root canal procedure, a small hole must be drilled into the tooth to allow the infected material within to be cleared out. A crown is used to ensure this hole doesn’t end up turning into a crack that breaks the tooth, and prevents reinfection.   In these cases it is necessary to use a dental crown so that this hole does not become a break that breaks the tooth and to prevent reinfection. If a dental crown is not used in this type of procedure or if the dental crown is not placed correctly the consequences can be quite serious. An intensive treatment will be required and the root canal will have been a complete waste. Therefore, the correct and expert placement of a crown is indispensable.


In Dental Implants Placement

Dental implants are undoubtedly the most effective treatment to solve the problem of missing one or more teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace one or more teeth, regularly when there are several teeth to be replaced dental bridges are used, instead when it is a single tooth which is going to be replaced it is necessary the use of a dental crown, which must be properly placed on the implant.



The materials most commonly used in the manufacture of dental crowns in Tijuana are porcelain and dental composite, however some patients prefer their crowns to be made of other types of metal alloys such as gold. 

However, of all these materials, porcelain is the best option, since it is the one that looks the most similar to teeth and also has the longest duration. But if we talk about longer duration, gold is the material with which dental crowns have the longest life, however it is more expensive than porcelain. On the other hand dental composite is a type of resin that can actually be shaped and set in a single sitting at the dentist’s office. It’s the cheapest, fastest option, but also the least durable. Dental composite is often used for temporary restorations while more permanent solutions like porcelain and gold are fabricated in a lab.

The type of material for dental crowns in Tijuana will always depend on the likes, needs and especially the budget of each patient. 

The correct placement of dental crowns in Tijuana is extremely necessary for their effectiveness, either by themselves or as part of some other treatment, so it is very important to go to specialists who can carry out the whole process in the best possible way. At Dental Easy Care we assure you that we have the specialists and experience necessary for the proper placement of dental crowns in Tijuana. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment and help you.