Myths & Facts about dental implants

Dentist comparing patient's teeth shade with samples for bleaching treatment

For a large part of the population, dental implants have become the solution they need to eat normally again. They are even considered an alternative to recover an aesthetic and functional smile, after having lost one or more teeth due to various reasons.

However, it is also true that there are many myths surrounding dental implants that unfortunately many people take as true. It is even very common to have doubts about this procedure and due to lack of knowledge people make statements about things that are totally false.

Because of this, today we will talk a little more about the myths and facts you should know about dental implants.

Myths and facts about dental implants

First of all, let’s start by clarifying that dental implants are pieces made with a special metal that helps the piece to adhere to the jawbone. Over time, they end up fulfilling a function similar to that of a “root” and an artificial tooth can be placed.

Young people are not candidates

Undoubtedly one of the most common myths about dental implants is that they are only for older people. This is not necessarily true, in fact any person who has completed their bone growth and has missing teeth can be a candidate for this procedure.

You only need to be in good health and, as mentioned before, have completed your bone growth, which usually ends between the ages of 17-19 years old.

Allergic reactions

Another common myth about dental implants is that they can cause allergic reactions and therefore the procedure will fail. In reality, biocompatible materials are used for the manufacture of implants, one of the most popular is titanium, but other safe materials are also used.

Generally, when there is a bad experience with the placement of dental implants, it is due to genetic factors or a bad reaction due to a lack of oral hygiene. In these cases, when a good osseointegration is not achieved, the dentist usually repeats the procedure but with greater vigilance.

It isn’t placed when there is not enough bone.

In most cases where the patient has little amount of bone, several treatments are performed to achieve bone regeneration. One of the most popular is the bone graft, which gives the patient the possibility to regenerate the bone mass, making the dental implant possible.

Their appearance is not very aesthetic.

Contrary to popular belief, dental implants actually give the patient a more aesthetic smile because they are placed inside the jawbone. Therefore, they cannot be seen with the naked eye, and once the osseointegration is completed, the implant becomes part of the mouth.

The new tooth not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also perfectly fulfills the functions of a normal tooth. 

It is very painful

A common myth about dental implants is that it is a very painful procedure, mainly due to the complexity of the procedure. However, the reality is that the surgery can be quicker than you might think and recovery can be faster if you follow your dentist’s instructions.

Any dentist can place them

This is a myth that can cause many health problems, especially if you do not go to a qualified professional. The truth is that not all dentists are trained to place a dental implant, in fact it has to be a specialist trained for this matter.

Besides this, it is necessary to take into account that each patient has different needs, therefore the placement of dental implants Tijuana must be personalized. This means that the specialist must study each case in detail, since it may be necessary to use a specific method in one case and a different one with another patient.

Hygiene should be the same

Maintaining good hygiene is always necessary for good oral health, however, sometimes it is thought that it is no longer necessary to emphasize it. It is even common to think that since the implant takes the role of the natural tooth, it is best to maintain hygiene as it was before the procedure.

This is not true; the truth is that when you have a dental implant, cleanliness should be more rigorous than before the surgery. Otherwise, it may be easier for tartar to develop or a possible infection to appear, which would end up damaging not only the treatment but also the general health of the patient.

You can smoke and drink

Continuing the same habits as before can harm the treatment, in fact smoking increases the risk of infection and drinking can also cause damage. It is best to avoid these habits before and after surgery so that the healing process can continue normally.

Implants are permanent

As long as dental implants are properly cared for, they can last a lifetime, but to achieve this it is necessary to have good oral hygiene. It is also necessary to visit the dentist periodically, so that any kind of anomaly can be detected in time.

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