Mexico dental, one of the main powers of medical tourism


Over the years the popularity of Mexico among the most important countries for medical tourism has grown. It is thanks to this that, in an almost imperceptible way, today Mexico has managed to get one of the main places among the most visited countries to undergo a medical procedure. 

 Although many tourists visit Mexico with the idea of ​​going to a plastic surgeon, the number of foreigners who seek to treat their dental problems is bigger. Thanks to the quality of dental practice in cities like Tijuana, foreigners from all over the world have been able to find a solution to their dental problems. 

Why is dental tourism growing?

Although there are several reasons why dental tourism is growing in Mexico, one of the main ones is the costs of dentistry in other countries. An example of what we are talking about can be seen in the United States, where a common procedure can cost double or triple.

This causes oral diseases to be difficult to treat for a large part of the population, and they are not always covered by insurance; so, it is much more accessible to be treated in cities like Tijuana, which is close to the United States.

Good quality at affordable prices

Unfortunately, it is very common that due to the high costs that dentists in other countries have, patients cannot pay for the treatments they need. For this reason, only some solutions are offered that, although for the moment they may reduce the problem, in the long term they will not be of great help. 

In the United States, treatments that are usually simple, such as dental filling, can cost more than $300; Although this may depend on the type of material used, a single porcelain or gold filling can be much more expensive than applying a silver amalgam or tooth-colored compound.

On the other hand, in Mexico, dental quality is very high, so dentists not only are experts but also have the tools to ensure good dental treatment at affordable costs.

Variety of treatments

At Dental Easy Care we are aware that we can improve a person’s quality of life just by taking care of their dental problems. That is why we are one of the few professional clinics that have CEREC technology, through this technology can be achieved a more personalized design of the teeth.

So that the patient not only gets a nice smile, but they will also get a good bite, which is reflected in their health and self-esteem.

Dental implants, and dental implants All On 4

Dental implants Tijuana are usually a very expensive treatment in all parts of the world and in many cases difficult to perform. With this technique, it is possible for a person who has one or more extractions in their mouth to regain a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile. 

To place a dental implant, it is necessary to perform several studies and see the condition of the mouth. After that, in strategic areas some screws will be placed, which must be fastened to the bone, in these screws, the dental implants will be placed. 

There are two main advantages of getting dental implants, the first is that the screws hold the implants firmly, so they can provide firmness. The second advantage is that, unlike other similar treatments, dental implants have a function equal to a natural tooth. 

So, the patient at all times will feel as if they are eating naturally, unlike when using a dental prosthesis. However, there are many advantages that dental implants have, unfortunately not everyone can be a candidate.

The All On 4 implants is a procedure that is usually recommended for those who have lost several teeth in the mouth. As they have severe damage, they need the treatment to be more specialized, so only a professional can perform this technique. 

Regardless of the condition of the gums or the bones of the mouth, other factors can affect the effectiveness of a dental implant. Some of these factors are smoking, grinding teeth, and having some health conditions such as diabetes.

At Dental Easy Care we take into consideration any condition that the patient may have, to offer the best care. In that way, we can treat their conditions first, before placing a dental implant. We also offer other treatments that can help improve their quality of life.

Dental bridges

Bridges are a very common and accessible treatment, although they are commonly referred to as false or fixed dentures. It is usually recommended for those people who have lost one or more teeth, it is a fairly comfortable and minimally invasive treatment, although it is not always preferred because in some cases the bridge must be removed to clean it.

Dental crowns

A dental crown is called a covering that is used to protect teeth when they have been damaged, although its use for cosmetic purposes is also very common. It is one of the most requested treatments because, in addition to being cheap compared to others, they are usually aesthetic.

Dental veneers

In recent years, dental veneers have become an aesthetic procedure that can easily improve the appearance of teeth. But it is not recommended in all cases, so the dentist must analyze whether the patient is a candidate or not. 

At Dental Easy Care, we seek to offer the patient the treatment plan that best suits their needs, we take into consideration the health of their mouth and their budget.

That is why we have managed to be one of the best dental clinics inside and outside the country. The reason why we have many dental tourists is that our dental office is in the border town of Tijuana near the border with the city of San Diego and our Mexican dentists offer an excellent level of care.