How painful are dental implants?


Just how painful is it to get a dental implant? Patients often ask this question when the idea of getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth comes up. This question arises, among other things, from the belief that dental implants can cause discomfort or pain.

However, it is necessary to clarify several important aspects of this procedure to clarify these and other doubts about implants. First, it is essential to explain that each patient is unique, and although the process is the same, each may have different reactions. Therefore, we will now talk about some of the factors that may have an impact.

Minimally invasive procedure

With the advancement of technology and techniques in dental health, procedures like root canal Tijuana, Hollywood smile, and dental implants have improved. As a result, surgeries tend to be minimally invasive, and in the case of dental implants, more focused surgical techniques have begun to be employed.

Through these techniques, it is only necessary to raise a small part of the gum, allowing the implant to be placed. Furthermore, during the procedure, the patient is given anesthesia, and once it is finished, treatment continues with medications that reduce the discomfort.

Once the surgery is finished and possibly a few days later, the patient may feel slight discomfort in the treated area. Fortunately, as long as you work with a professional, it will not be necessary to worry about any kind of complication since possible complications will be drastically reduced.    

Implant experts will evaluate thoroughly to determine if the patient is a candidate for dental implants and choose the most appropriate technique to perform the procedure. 

What can influence pain?

The dentist’s skill is crucial in whether or not the patient suffers pain during the procedure. If the dentist in Tijuana is skilled enough to take proper care of the soft tissues and bones of the mouth when handling them, the pain will be less likely to occur.

This will help reduce inflammation, and therefore, the presence of pain will be less noticeable.

In some cases, it is also recommended for the patient to take antibiotics a few days before the procedure to help reduce the possibility of complications. Still, it is also possible that the dentist may recommend a special rinse. All this with the idea of creating a proper environment inside the mouth.

But if there is still discomfort or abnormal pain, the best thing to do is visit the dentist to find out if something is wrong. It is usual for the placement of dental implants to be an uncomfortable process but not painful or unbearable.

Is it possible to eat without any pain in my mouth?

This is another question about dental implants Tijuana, commonly asked by patients when they want to replace a dental piece. For the patient not to suffer pain and also for the implant to be placed appropriately, it is usually recommended for the patient to eat soft foods.

Depending on the stage of recovery, it is also recommended for the food to be at room temperature or cold. Besides this, tobacco and alcohol consumption should be avoided, at least during the first few days, to ensure a better chance for the implant to succeed.

If the dentist’s advice is followed and good hygiene is maintained, it will only be a matter of waiting a few months for the prosthesis to osseointegrate. Following three months, the discomfort will not only have disappeared but also the healing process will be completed, and the patient will be able to eat normally.

The adaptation process is usually straightforward, with only some discomfort, but not painful. Although to ensure that this is possible, it is necessary to use quality implants and an excellent technique to treat the patient’s mouth. Otherwise, the result would not be the same.

Will the check-ups be painful?

Another widespread doubt about dental implants is whether the revisions will be painful since there is the idea that the wound will possibly move. Fortunately, this is a completely painless procedure, in which several tests verify that the dental implant is being well fixed.

Another widespread doubt about dental implants is whether the revisions will be painful since there is the idea that the wound will possibly move. Fortunately, this is a completely painless procedure, in which several tests verify that the dental implant is being well fixed.

However, there are times when the dentist may need to retighten the through the screw, which is placed inside the crown. The dentist can make the necessary adjustments quickly and without affecting the dental implant.

In case of more severe discomfort or pain, you should visit your dentist, who will verify that everything is in order.

Keep in mind that there are times when dental implants do not work, such as when you smoke cigarettes or have a medical condition. On these occasions, the pain may be a symptom of something wrong, so it is necessary to go as soon as possible for a check-up.

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