How much do new teeth cost in Tijuana?


For many people, a smile is the most important part of the face; because through the smile, they can show that they have good hygiene. Precisely for this reason, it is increasingly important to have good dental aesthetics, since crooked or yellowish teeth can be considered a sign of bad hygiene.

This is because in several western countries they seek to obtain perfect white teeth, as they are considered a sign of health and beauty. A beautiful and confident smile will always be attractive, but it is not always easy to achieve, this is why many people want new teeth at an affordable price.

Procedures to get teeth like new

Within professional dental clinics, there are several procedures that the dentist in Tijuana can perform to help patients have teeth that look new.

Dental bridges

When a person has lost one or more teeth, two main treatments are usually recommended: implants and dental bridges. The last ones are usually the most requested because they have a fairly affordable price, especially in Mexico, since in countries like the United States they are quite expensive.

In addition, they can be placed in three different ways; each technique has its advantages, but it is important to be a candidate. So, depending on the dental conditions that the patient has, the dentist will recommend the most suitable bridge.

Dental crowns

It can be said that dental crowns are covers that are placed on the teeth, either to improve their aesthetics or to prevent any dental problem from getting worse. They are usually recommended to protect weak, worn, or fractured teeth by giving them the strength and stability they need to be able to bite.

The price of this treatment is quite accessible since several materials can be used to make a crown. Although the most commonly used materials are porcelain and dental composite, gold dental crowns are also applied in some clinics.

The use of gold as a material for the creation of dental crowns is more common than you think, even in the United States it is widely used. But it has a higher cost compared to other countries and cities, as it is in Tijuana where it is quite accessible.

Dental implants

Once a tooth is lost, the only alternative to being able to replace it 100% is by a dental implant; because only with this procedure a tooth can be as functional as the natural one. It is necessary to use special materials that will be implanted in the maxillary bone.

Although this procedure ensures that the patient can have stability when chewing, it can be a bit more expensive. This is due to the materials that are required and because surgery must be done to place the implants.


In the past, dentures were made with very hard materials, so it was common for them to hurt the mouth a little, but this is no longer the case. With advances in dentistry, quite comfortable dentures have been created, which the patient can tolerate perfectly.

In addition, there is no longer only a model of false teeth, now most of them consist of an implant, which serves to fix an overdenture. However, dentures that rest on the gums are also still used, although the use of one or the other depends on the needs of the patient.

Hollywood Smile 

One of the most popular treatments to achieve a perfect smile is the Hollywood Smile, it is a procedure that adapts to the needs of each patient. Specialized technology is used to know what treatments should be implemented so that the bite can be corrected.

In some cases, a combination of treatments is used, for example, first braces and then, if necessary, veneers. In other cases, what is required is a dental cleaning and the placement of a bridge, it all depends on the condition of each patient.

Dental veneers 

Without a doubt, dental veneers are one of the most important cosmetic procedures, because in just a matter of minutes the appearance of their teeth can be completely improved. To perform this procedure, small laminates are placed on the front of the tooth, so that a natural appearance can be obtained.

Although almost anyone can get veneers, the dentist must check the condition of the teeth. Also, it is necessary to take into consideration that, although it improves the appearance of the teeth, this does not mean that it can improve a bad bite or some other dental problem.

This procedure is usually quite inexpensive and simple to perform, but the price can vary depending on the type of material used. It is well known that veneers can be made from several materials, however, they typically use porcelain or resin.

It is common to think that dental procedures are quite expensive, especially if you live in countries like the United States, as it is difficult to afford a dentist. For this reason, more and more people decide to travel to Tijuana to start with a dental procedure.

The border town of Tijuana is a famous dental destination for its quality, and treatment prices. In Tijuana, there are dental clinics such as Dental Easy Care, where we offer the best treatments at the best prices.  For us, it is essential that your teeth look new and that you can eat and speak normally.

Schedule an appointment in our dental clinic, our staff will evaluate you to be able to provide you with several treatment options.