How do dental implants stay in place?


Nowadays, dental implants are the solution that hundreds of patients have found to definitively solve the problems caused by tooth loss. With the help of a dental implant it is possible to prevent teeth from displacement, in addition to other issues that may worsen over time.

Even so, there are many doubts about how this procedure is performed and the benefits it can bring. In fact, most patients do not even know how dental implants can be kept in place once they are placed.

How is it that a dental implant can be kept in the mouth?

First, let’s start by explaining that a characteristic of bone is that it needs frequent stimulation in order to maintain its structure and density. In the case of the jaw bone, it is thanks to the roots of the teeth that it gets more stimulation, in other words the pressure of chewing food helps to stimulate the bone.

The main problem begins when a tooth is lost, because the underlying bone does not have the necessary stimulation. The solution is to replace the missing tooth so that the bone can maintain its strength.

What is the bone grafting process?

In order for a dental implant to integrate into the bone, it is manufactured with special notches, very similar to those seen in normal screws. These notches help in the first part of the bone grafting process, as they make it easy to embed the implants in the bone, but the most important thing is the material that is used.

Titanium is a human bone friendly material, so once it is placed it has a natural reaction and the body accepts it. Then, after the dentist places the implant, the bone grafting process can last from three to six months and once this time has passed, the implant will completely fuse with the jawbone.

Also the missing tooth or teeth will begin to function as a natural tooth would in the mouth, allowing the patients to eat as they did before losing the tooth.

Things you should know about dental implants

One of the most common doubts about dental implants Tijuana, is about how safe this procedure can be. In reality it is one of the safest procedures there is and usually has a success rate of 98%, it can even be said that the dental implant can last a lifetime, although this may depend on the hygiene you have.

Do not apply too much pressure

One of the things that can affect this procedure, is the pressure that is exerted during the healing process, as it could displace or loosen the implant. To avoid this kind of situation, it is recommended to follow a soft diet during the healing process, and try as much as possible not to eat crunchy or hard things.

Although one thing to take into account is that these kind of problems tend to be more frequent when you have individual implants. This is due to the fact that in a full arch, there is less pressure since it is distributed in several parts of the mouth.

Smoking is not recommended

We all know that smoking is a problem that damages your health, but at the moment of undergoing a procedure such as dental implants it can be worse. To ensure that the procedure is effective, and that there are no problems during recovery or after the treatment is finished, it is recommended to stop smoking.

Is there bone loss?

There are cases in which the tooth loss causes the underlying bone to begin to resorb, in these cases it depends on the bone loss if the implant can be placed. In many cases the dentist will need to reconstruct the bone by means of a bone graft in the alveolus.

This process can last several months, although when the implants are placed in the whole mouth, another process is usually employed. In these cases, four to six implants are placed in each jaw, as it is usually easier to find dense bone for placing a complete arch.

In addition, in the case of the lower jaw, the bone is usually stronger, so even with advanced bone loss, implants can be placed. However, this is something to be determined by the surgeon after performing the necessary studies to know the condition of the patient’s mouth.

Good hygiene

We all know that to maintain dental health it is necessary to have good hygiene, but in the case of dental implants it is essential. If there is deficient hygiene, the patient may have problems in order to have a successful recovery.

For this reason, the most advisable thing to do is to follow the dentist’s instructions and avoid habits that may be counterproductive as much as possible. In this way, it is much easier to ensure that the implant is in good condition and can easily adapt to the patient’s bone.

Where can I go?

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