Dental Implant Maintenance: Keeping Your New Smile Healthy

dental implant maintenance

Dental implants are an effective solution to replace an old tooth after it has been extracted due to a problem such as a breakage or wear. Their strength and durability make them better than other options, such as dentures.

Dental implant maintenance allows the quality, performance, and benefits of these to extend their lifespan. So it is important to know how this maintenance is and what other advantages it offers to the mouth’s health.

Initial Post-Implant Care

During dental implant placement, some procedures will help the dentist better evaluate the mouth’s condition, from the teeth to the jaw.

The dental implant is placed precisely in the jawbone so that this screw has better support and adjustment. Since it is not attached to other teeth, it will not damage the structure of the teeth in case of chewing food or any other type of activity.

Once placed, certain types of postoperative care will be required for optimal healing; for example, in terms of food, only liquid foods, soups, or purees should be consumed for at least the first weeks of recovery.

Continuing with this care for dental implant maintenance, the oral hygiene practices during this process should be done correctly. In the first days, gauze or a piece of cotton should be used, and the area should be carefully scrubbed.

Since during this process, the gums are adjusting to the implant (so there are certain gaps), toothpaste and toothbrushes designed for dental implants should be sought since doing it with standard toothbrushes would have severe consequences for dental health in general.

Daily Dental Implant Maintenance

When dental implants are placed, it is very common for food debris to remain on the crowns and natural teeth. This is because the gum, after losing the old tooth, has contracted and left a small concavity between the gum and the crown.

The first part of correct dental implant maintenance is proper tooth brushing; whereas already mentioned, you must have the right tools. 

In the market, toothbrushes and special pastes are made to complete an effective tooth brushing in dental implants. 

Toothbrushes and dental floss will guarantee correct hygiene in the most difficult-to-access areas. To complement this cleaning, irrigators, and mouthwashes can be used to clean the teeth without causing any damage.

Preventing Implant Complications

During the recovery process, it is normal for certain complications to occur that may delay dental implant maintenance; however, there are many ways to counteract these complications.

For example, during the first few weeks, it is common to experience swelling and some pain, which can be relieved with pre-prescribed painkillers or by using ice and carefully placing it on the swollen area.

Some complications may be a little more severe than others, such as some type of bleeding in the area, so before seeking any solution, it is recommended to go immediately to the dentist to examine the severity and can solve them effectively.

Long-term Dental Implant Care

Dental checkups are an important way for dental implant maintenance and also for general oral health care.

Several patients have enjoyed the benefits of regular checkups, as this way, they can prevent diseases in the mouth. Even irregularities in the teeth can be detected.

Another benefit of regular dental checkups is that a professional teeth cleaning can be performed. This can eradicate viruses and bacteria that become difficult to remove even with the proper tools.

During these periodic appointments, the dentist will provide you with special appointments to replace components of the dental implants as long as necessary.

Protecting Dental Implants

If patients are physically active, such as playing sports or going to the gym, they should refrain from doing so for at least a certain period.

In this period, the time may vary depending on how many dental implants have been placed. Sometimes, patients return to physical activities after three weeks or a month.

However, those who practice contact sports must wait until the dentist tells them when they can do them again. It is important to mention that after recovery, it is necessary to place a tooth cover so that dental implants are not damaged during physical activity.

Dental Implants and Overall Health

The impact of dental implant maintenance goes beyond the aesthetic and functional, as it has long-term benefits for overall health.

It is very common that due to the loss of a tooth, some food can not be consumed normally, and the opportunity to nourish the body with these nutrients is lost, which leads to health problems.

Another way dental implant maintenance helps health, in this case, the mouth, is that it avoids the loss of jaw bone that can occur when a tooth is lost.

Proper dental implant maintenance is an effective form of oral care for the entire mouth: to protect the gums, other teeth, the mouth’s health, and overall health.

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